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Eco Warriors                   

Welcome to our ECO page 


Here, you can meet our ECO Warriors, find out what we are up to and get involved with some of our upcoming activities at home.

Our ECO Warriors will be working hard to keep our school and environment clean and safe.

Some of the activities we will be doing this year are:

  • ½ termly litter picks around the school grounds.
  • Carrying out our Environmental review.
  • Creating an action plan for the year.
  • Making bird feeders.
  • Switch off fortnight – This promotes the importance of saving energy.
  • Growing and planting seeds.
  • Developing our own vegetable patch in the pond area.
  • Waste week – This promotes recycling.
  • Bee day – more information to follow.
  • Potato growing competition.
  • Litter Pick at Lewsey Park.

ECO Warriors meet every week on Thursday lunchtime with Mrs Hendry and Miss Palmer. In our meetings, we think of ways to reduce our carbon footprint, keep our environment clean and safe, how to recycle and most importantly how to involve the whole school in fun activities that promotes us as an ECO friendly school.

Our 1st jobs will be to complete this year’s environmental review and come up with an action plan of ways to make our school more environmentally friendly.

 Alongside this, we will be getting ready for ‘Switch Off Fortnight’. This is where we spy on the classes for two weeks at lunch to see if they have remembered to turn off their lights, computers and TV screens. Each week the class with the most eco-friendly points will get a certificate and the least eco-friendly class will get the spoon of shame! Saving energy is always an important issue to raise with the children due to global warming, but this year it is particularly important to draw attention to the rise in energy costs too.

Eco Warriors 2023-2024


White Class


White Class



Purple Class


Mikaeel Purple Class


Zaniah Orange Class


Orange Class


Turquoise Class


Turquoise Class



Green Class 



Green Class



Pink Class


Pink Class

Our Eco Warriors entered The Big Recycling Hunt competition.  

We’re delighted to let you know that our entry was selected as one of three runners up.  This is fantastic news

The judges were really impressed with our film, particularly the effort made by everyone to learn their lines and the important messaging which you conveyed! .....

As recognition for being a runner up in the competition up our Eco Warriors have won our school a one-year National Geographic for Kids magazine subscription and a pack of eco-themed books.  Well done to you all, we are proud of your efforts. 

Please see the film the children made about recycling and entered into the competition. 




Eco-Schools Silver Award

The Eco Warriors have worked hard this term to organise Saving the Bees. Together with Miss Jones the science co-ordinator, we were able to achieve The Eco-Schools Silver Award. We are so happy with this news. Keep your eyes peeled as we are working towards gaining our Eco-Schools Eco Green Flag Award next!

 We would like to start growing a vegetable patch and making more use of our Poly tunnel in the pond area. All produce grown within school will be offered to our school kitchen and the local community. Keep your eyes peeled for any changes you may see when passing by! 

This year, we have had to change how we run Eco Club due to COVID-19. We have only chosen Year 2 children to be Our Eco Warriors due to being in year group bubbles. We have adapted how we give feedback to classes. Our Eco Warriors have been making short films to share information and projects with the whole school which can be shown in each class during the school day.

Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

Last Year, our Eco Warriors worked really hard to gain our first ever Green Flag Award. It’s such an amazing achievement and shows what an Eco friendly school we are!

We have our Green Flag Award in place until July 2023. Over the next 2 academic years we will be working towards maintaining our Green Flag Award and successfully reapplying in 2023.



This is Trashy. He is our ECO mascot. Trashy was designed a few years ago as part of an ECO DAY competition. 

You will find Trashy all around the school, Trashy helps us to remember to be ECO friendly by turning off the lights, keeping the external doors shut to save our heating and he helps us to promote recycling inside and outside of school.

Switch off fortnight

Another successful Switch Off Fortnight has taken place in November 2022, with the pupils and teachers thinking carefully about their energy use.

The class who were the best at saving energy was Blue Class!

The class who wasted the most energy was Yellow Class!

Well done to all the children for joining in and doing their part to make our school eco-friendlier.

But please don’t stop there! The children have been encouraged to think about how to save energy all year round, to save both the planet and money at home. Perhaps one day this week you can walk to school? You could also check whether that piece of technology really needs to be plugged in and charged?

Next half term the Eco Warriors will be thinking about wildlife and how we can support animals in our local area. Keep a look out for bird feeders being sold during the spring term.

Current Projects:

This term we have been making bird feeders! We have been very lucky to have help from the guests at time for tea too. We then planned to sell them on the playground. 


A big thank you to all the parents and children who bought, donated and helped make bird feeders this term. We have raised over £30, a record! This money is going to be taken to Rushmere Park, a local country park which is often visited by The Ferrars Academy. Some of the money will also be put aside to buy seeds for the children to grow and sell at this years summer fete.



Our ECO Warriors will be growing plants and flowers from seeds when the weather is warmer ready to sell during the summer term.


The Eco-Committee is the action team and the driving force behind the Eco-Schools work. The ECO committee will meet once every half term to:

  • Ensure that the whole school is aware of the Eco-Schools programme
  • Take the lead in carrying out the Environmental Review
  • Ensure that everyone in the school community is represented in the decision-making process (as far as possible)
  • Provide a link between pupils, teachers, senior management team, governors and the whole school community
  • Take the lead in delivering the Eco-Schools Action Plan

We are lucky enough to have Mrs Rachel Lewis as our parent representative on our committee and Miss Green as our SLT committee member. The Eco Warriors will be meeting once a term with Miss Green and Mrs Lewis to discuss ways in which we can improve and continue to keep ourselves as an Eco Friendly school.

Our Eco Code

Past Project: Planet Super League

We have signed up with Planet Super League through Luton Town Football Club and we would like our pupils and families to represent our school in a national school competition, to take climate action. Planet Super League works in partnership with more than 50 professional football clubs to help promote climate action (you don’t have to be a football fan to get involved).

 Schools vs. Climate Change is an online competition where children, teachers, families and stakeholders of the school compete against other schools in a fun, online competition to see who can score the most ‘green goals’. Green goals are scored by completing a variety of activities, which can be completed as an individual, as a class or at home to inspire changes that, collectively, can have a big impact on the planet as well as scoring goals for our school to become the School vs. Climate Change champions.

When is the tournament?

Monday 10th January 2022 - Sunday 20th February 2022 (6 weeks).

How do I get involved?

There are over 100 activities to do on the Planet Super League website, including:

- Trying a meat-free meal

- Active travel to school, work or the shops

- Making posters to remind people to turn off the lights

 Sign up for free now at www.planetsuperleague.com

  • Click Sign Up
  • Enter your email address and a password
  • Select your local authority (Luton) from the search bar/dropdown
  • Select The Ferrars Academy from the search bar/dropdown
  • Choose a fun Team Name
  • Start scoring green goals!

For more information, visit: planetsuperleague.com/schools to see the FA

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