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School Council

School Council 2020-2021

This year saw a very different way that the children voted for their School Council representatives.  Due to Covid 19, voting had to take place the classrooms with no campaign posters, no voting booths set up and no big assembly to announce the successful children.  However the successful children still have a very important part to play in the school.  They are the voice of the rest of the children in school.

Remember, if you would like to make any changes or have ideas to improve school to speak to your representative.

We would like to introduce the successful candidates:

  • Pink                          Zyron and Sara
  • Turquoise                Arden and Khadijah
  • Green                       Aateesh and Aliza
  • Orange                     Aaminah and Angelo
  • Purple                      Raza and Ashlyn
  • White                       Yakub and Ainisha

Miss Sabir and Mrs Agnew are looking forward to working with the new School Councillors during the coming year.

Not only was the way we voted very different, but meetings will be different too.  We will still meet every Wednesday lunchtime, however as the year group bubbles cannot mix Year 1 will be with Mrs Agnew in the DT Room and the Year 2 children will be with Miss Sabir in the Explorer Room and the meetings will be held using Zoom.

Our Agendas:

Summer 1 Agenda

Week 1

Welcome back establish rules and roles.
Week 2 Introduction into Mindfulness.
Week 3 Learn techniques to help with Mindfulness.
Week 4 Learn techniques to help with Mindfulness.
Week 5 Show our classes the techniques and go through questions for evaluation.
Week 6 Discuss evaluation results.
Week 7 Catch up week.


Summer 2 Agenda
Week 1 Discuss healthy eating. Look at school’s packed lunch leaflets.
Week 2 Discuss which recipes we would like to make to promote healthy eating.
Week 3 Film cooking of recipes in bubbles.
Week 4 Film cooking of recipes in bubbles.
Week 5 Share with classes and evaluate
Alongside these children will be promoting ‘Eat them to defeat them’ campaign to encourage children in school to eat more vegetables.

school council constitution 159287797.pdf