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School Council                           

Welcome to our School Council page.




Teachers:   Mrs Agnew and Miss Sabir                     

Autumn term elections

This half term we have elected our School Councillors. The children in Key Stage One were given the opportunity to stand for the election, they were then shortlisted by a fair vote in their class which gave them their final 4 candidates- 2 boys and 2 girls. These 4 children then created posters and displayed them around the school to campaign for votes. On Monday 25th September classes voted for their final candidates and results were revealed in a special assembly.


School Council 2023-2024

We are pleased to announce that the following children are your representatives:



White Class



White Class



Orange Class



Orange Class



Purple Class



Purple Class



Turquoise Class







Green Class


No Photo Available






Green Class


Pink Class



Pink Class

Mrs Agnew and Miss Sabir are looking forward to working with you on our exciting projects. Remember if you have any ideas to make our school better to find and tell these children they are there to represent you and share your voice!

 Some of the projects we will be doing this year are:

  • Establish rules and routines

  • Working in partnership with the LPPA Committee
  • School Council children to walk around the school, send questionnaires, report findings to staff.

  • Promoting the reading chair- Midday Supervisors to take charge 

  • What types of clubs would children like to see being offered? 

  • Selling poppies for remembrance 

  • Focus on sports, children to send out questionnaires to ask children around the school what experiences they would like to take part in i.e. parkour, yoga etc. 

  • Children to carry out ‘improvement walks’ to potential areas of improvement on the site. 

  • Children to explore and reflect on the rewards system in place in school. 

  • Improving wet play provision

Why we want to be councillors:

" I  want to help everyone". Alvina
" I want to help the school". Kashi
" I want to make things good." Anthony

Current Projects:

During our first half term as School Council we have supported the poppy appeal by selling poppies around the school and making for the Tesco window display.  We raised a total of £98.69 for The Royal British Legion. 


We have written letters to local companies asking for donations for the Christmas Fayre.  We were delighted when we received the first donation from Go Bowling. 

We have also had a meeting with Miss Jennings about the LPPA.  She asked us about what children would like to do with parents in school.  We sent a survey around the school and will discuss the results next term.



Past Projects:                                  

This term the school council have been busy with their new projects. We have had some teachers from around the school asking for our help.

Miss Armstrong came to our meeting and asked for our help to promote more reading in the school we are going to look at new ideas for our reading chair we are excited about this and have come up with lots of ideas already.

Miss Smith also joined us for a meeting to discuss Sports premium money and what we could use this for. The School Councillors put together a questionnaire to ask all the children in the school what they would like.



Past Project: Staff Reading Area 

Miss Green attended our meeting on Wednesday 24th November. She came to ask for our help with creating a reading area in the Staffroom. Together we came up with some ideas of how we would like to create a relaxing reading area for all the staff. We were looking forward to creating and promoting this area.


We created posters for the area, we looked for lighting and cushions and purchased these we also created some hanging fish!  


Take a look at our completed project!                         


School Council Constitution

Please click here to view our School Council Constitution

School Council Agendas and Minutes 2022-2023

Please click below to view our minutes and agendas. 

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