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Travel Titans         

What is the role of a Travel Titan?

The Travel Titans will work closely alongside Miss Rashid and Miss Sibanda to complete work for our school travel plan. They will support in promoting active travel and in educating our pupils on road, bike and scooter safety. They will help carry out and promote events throughout the year, they will carry out assemblies which will be videoed and sent to the other classes and they will help run competitions and campaigns across the school.

Appointing our Travel Titans

In September each class placed a vote for a person to be their class Travel Titan. This person will work closely with Miss Rashid and Miss Sibanda across the year to encourage active and safe travel. 


 Travel Titans  2022-2023




Turquoise Class



Pink Class



Green Class



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 Purple Class


 Travel Titans Agenda 

Autumn 1

Events: October is Walk to School Month

Elect Travel Titans

Assembly and posters for Walk to School Month

TT meetings: what active travel is and the benefits


Autumn 2

Events: 14th – 20th November Road Safety Week

Be Safe Be Seen

Assembly – Road Safety Week

TT meetings: how to be safe and be seen on darker nights

Road Safety Week banner

Classes to use road safety box

Stepping out safely lessons

Spring 1

Events: Geography ‘My Park’ project review/award

Assembly – ‘Be Safe, Be Seen’

TT meetings: The Green Cross Code

Film video about the GCC

Video to share with classes on GCC


Spring 2

Events: W/C 20th February ‘Design a logo’ competition for Kate Strong

           20th March- 31st March Sustrans Big Walk and                         Wheel

TT meetings:

 School competition

 Safe places to cross 

Big Pedal event


Summer 1

Events: Geography ‘Transport’ project review/award

22nd April World Earth Day

W/C 16th May Walk to School Week


TT meetings: Safe and unsafe activities near roads  

Traffic count

Record video for World Earth Day



Summer 2
Events: W/C 5th June National Bike Week

TT meetings: Safety measures around the school

Road safety leaflets



Design a Logo for Kate Strong competition

Our children will be taking part in a 'Design a Logo' competition for Kate Strong, 3x Static Cycling World Record Holder and AG World Champion Triathlete (2014). She will be undertaking a Climate Cycle challenge to promote steps we can all take to be more healthy and protect our environment.  The competition is to design a logo for Kate's bamboo bike to promote health and sustainability. We can't wait to see all of the logo entries in our in-school competition before submitting our one school entry .


Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel 2023 

We will be taking part in Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel, a 10-day challenge from the 20th March which will be promoted by our Travel Titans. On each day of the challenge, schools will be competing to see who can record the greatest proportion of pupils travelling actively to school.  

This challenge aims to inspire pupils to make active journeys to school, to improve quality in our neighbourhood and help discover how these changes benefit our world. We can’t wait to see how many of our pupils will be walking, scootering or cycling to school on each day of the challenge.  


 My Park Project:

Children returned to school after the Christmas holidays with their creative'my dream park' models for our first ever Geography project! It was lovely to see how recycled materials could be repurposed and designed to build something we love. Our Travel Titans had an important job , voting for their winners and awarding them prizes and certificates in assembly. We can't wait to see what you create with your child in the next project!



TravelWise STARS Town Competition


Please click below to view the minutes from our Travel Titans meetings: 

 Minutes 22nd November 2022